Bloom preview: Aldi’s Sustainable For-est Garden

Emulating a natural woodland, Tünde Perry incorporates forest gardening – one of the oldest and most eco-friendly horticultural practices – into her design of Aldi’s Sustainable For-est Garden.

The garden invites us to step outdoors and get involved in our surroundings by growing a diversity of plants such as woodland trees interplanted with smaller fruit trees, shrubs, berries, herbaceous plants, ground covers and vines. This is a sustainable method of planting that fosters beneficial relationships among the plants, increasing biodiversity and creating a beautiful, low-maintenance garden.

Mounds of hugelkultur – an ancient tradition of building beds from rotten logs and plant debris – fluctuate around the garden, creating a naturalistic landform. Tünde has adapted this method for the Irish climate, using native and edible plants to provide a home and food for insects and humans. This garden provides space for everybody to find their own rhythm and balance in their lives.

About the Designer

Tünde Perry has always been passionate about gardening and outdoor spaces. She earned a BTEC Higher Diploma in Landscape Design from Senior College Dun Laoghaire before persuing a degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Gloucestershire.

Tünde established her design and landscape business in 2013. Her creations combine practicality, beauty and harmony with innovative solutions, reflecting her artistic awareness of colour and form. She aims to deliver on her customers’ brief at the highest level, while thoughtfully bringing soul into landscape design.

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