Vegetable Production up in Recent Years (3)

The production of vegetables in the Netherlands has increased over the last decade, according to the latest data published by the Statistics Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (Faostat).

This Division reports that the Netherlands produced 4,631,437 tonnes of vegetables in 2009, 3.3% up on 2008 and 28% more than in 2000.

Vegetable production in the Netherlands grew 28% between 2000 and 2009, reaching a total of 4,631,437 tonnes 2 years ago. However, over this 10-year period, production figures have tended to fluctuate.

As the graph below shows, between 2000 and 2004 production rose from 3,610,622 tonnes to 4,446,152 tonnes, an increase of 23%. However, 2005 and 2006 saw a downward trend, with production dropping to 4,101,900 tonnes in 2006. From 2007, figures started to climb again, reaching 4,631,437 tonnes in 2009, the highest figure since 2000.

Vegetable production in the Netherlands: 2000-2009


Most produced vegetables

Onions are produced in greater volume than any other vegetable in the Netherlands. In 2009, they accounted for 28% of total vegetable production at 1,269,000 tonnes. Tomatoes represented 17% of total production, followed by carrots and turnips – 12% of total production. Next in importance are cucumbers and gherkins, and then green chillies and peppers, as the graph below shows.

Vegetables in the Netherlands: Share of total production in 2009


Source: Fresh Plaza – Vegetable Production up in Recent Years