Social Therapeutic Horticulture in Ireland: Spring 2023 Action

Seminar: Social Therapeutic Horticulture in Ireland: Spring 2023 Action
One-day national seminar for developing social and therapeutic horticulture actions and solutions in Ireland.
Date: 25th of March 2023
Time: 10:00 – 16:00 GMT
Where: McAuley Place, Sallins Road, W91 D62E, Naas
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About this event
Social Therapeutic Horticulture in Ireland: Spring 2023 Action
The newly-formed Association of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Facilitators of Ireland (ASTHFI) invites all enthusiasts and facilitators to engage in a 1-day seminar of co-creating nature-based solutions for 2023, in the beautiful intergenerational space of McCauley Place in Naas.

Focus will be on how we can create a better network and regenerative all-island future through green care and nature-based social and therapeutic experiences.

In this Spring inspired seminar, there will be an opportunity for a coming together from all levels and sectors interested, to listen, talk, debate and action plan our roots as a community and professional sector, and how we might branch out, to support sustainably our communities, organizations and our planet.

Suitable for anyone interested or involved in the STH or green care field – as well as community/professional members wishing to integrate nature-based solutions into decision-making and sustainable practices in the Irish landscape.

AGENDA: The day will be experienced along 2 horizons of STH action and agency for 2023

Morning Session 1: Seeding new STH beginnings and finding your roots

  • A range of passionate speakers and change makers will inspire and invigorate how we navigate STH in Ireland for 2023. List and bio details outlined below.
  • Each speaker will review their current experiences, concerns and reflections and evaluate changes or developments in their STH/green care thoughts and practice – self care, team care, community care, organizational care, environmental care – future forward planetary care. Themes explore authentic STH actions rooted in the Irish context, considerate of partnerships, people, profit, planet and peace – and how to navigate challenges of greenwashing. We will especially open windows to how facilitators might develop vital partnerships across sectors: across health, agriculture, forestry, education, arts, business, tourism, community and conservation.

Afternoon Session 2: Branching out your STH vision: Networking, experiential learning, workshop practice

Both as window for individual and collective STH action plans for 2023 and to celebrate National Tree Week: a menu of interactive activities will be offered, with a special focus on the power of trees as a vital medium for helping people and planet.

• ASTHFI network and future-forward round table: with opportunities to branch, partner and create new 2023 projects and become part of a professional network that offers support, training and mentorship

 STH sessions and interactive tree demonstrations and workshops: drawing from a rich range of STH facilitation styles and traditions – sensory and practical, across disciplines, reflection and activism. Explore familiar and unfamiliar STH branches: tree seed sowing and community nurseries, native tree identification, foraging, companion planting, tree metaphors, tree medicine, tree art and poetry, tree whispering, tree bathing, restorative tree and body led encounters, tree stories…and much more

• Guided tours of Luisne Garden, McCauley Place: facilitated by diverse traditions, practical and sensory facilitators within the intergenerational space of McCauley Place: opening a special encounter with its Luisne woodlands and people. Exploring also your STH competencies via the nature compass of St Brigid and Naas, in this commemorative year – the added value for STH of rushes, with or without trees.

• STH Action Research lab: Identifying national STH research themes and co-creative collaborative 2023 projects: to contribute to current research initiatives, case studies and areas of best practice and innovation within the Irish Landscape.

Tea/Coffee and refreshments provided Participation contributes to CPD points (Continuous professional development)

Discount for delicious lunch at the McCauley Place Restaurant

Special offers and prizes for a variety of STH workshops and products

Opportunity to become a member of ASTHFI network and associated benefits

This seminar is hosted by ASTHFI, in collaboration with McCauley Place and Festina Lente.

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