Horticulturist Position Available(Commercial Vegetable Crops ) (2)

Job Type: Full-time
Location: Waterford
Start Date:
As soon as possible.

Job Description
This is a great opportunity for an experienced person to get involved at the beginning of a new horticulture project. We are looking for a full time Horticulturist with third level qualifications and specialist knowledge in vegetable growing. You will need at least three years experience to start with us in growing vegeatbles for the Irish market.  This job is in the West Waterford area.  Excellent terms & conditions offered plus accomadation can be provided as part of the overall package. Immediate start.
Please reply with CV to horticulture29@yahoo.com
Horticultural Qualification ideally in the Commercial Growing of vegetable crops.
Excellent terms & conditions.

Highest finished education: College
How to Apply:
Please reply with CV to horticulture29@yahoo.com