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Its Spring Alright. ‘In with the new and out with the old.’ It is the time of year that the homemaker is getting rid of the dust and the cobwebs and doing it herself again as all the cleaners have gone back east to live and hire cleaners of their own. Before, we in Ireland were all working hard to get rich and now we are all working hard to make a living. Its a time of renewal and optimism as with a bit of good weather the citizens are out gardening again. It is now that we will find out if all the hard work and preparation over the winter will pay off for our businesses. Good Luck Everyone.

There are new boys here and they are gonna clean up this town! We have two new ministers with a direct involvement in our sector. What will they change? What do you want them to change? Are you happy with the service you get from the development agencies? Tell them. The current system for the civil servants is one of ‘outputs and deliverables’ which does not allow I believe for enough creativity and thinking out of the box. I spoke with a person in a different jurisdiction recently and they were honest enough to admit that my request for sourcing news and information before it got to the press release stage was just another task for them that did not meet any of these ‘outputs and deliverables’ that they were responsible for and so why should they basically bother as they are already stressed out doing more with less resources. This is the system and attitude that the new government will have to get to grips with at every level in Ireland.

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