Sustainable Production of Healthy Food, Available to All, Affordable by All

The European vegetable processing industry recently met in Brussels for their 7th conference entitled: “Industry Answers to Food Policy Challenges 2030”.

Source from Fresh Plaza

During this half-day event, vegetable freezers and canners discussed some of the major challenges that the food industry was confronted.

Presentations focused on food waste, sustainable production and also on the nutritional values of processed vegetables. Delegates were furthermore informed about ongoing generic promotion activities to increase consumption, some market trends, and how the forthcoming CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) reform might influence the supply of locally grown raw material.

The conference concluded that processed vegetables (frozen, canned and jars) provide a wide range of responsibly produced foods that are:

  • highly nutritious, and contribute to increasing vegetable intake and to achieving public dietary recommendations
  • harvested at the peak of their ripeness during the crop’s optimal growing period
  • grown close to the factory and processed shortly after harvest
  • ready-peeled and cut, have long shelf-lives and come in easily managed portions –thereby contributing to a reduction in food waste
  • excellent value for money and available all year round

The sector called upon decision makers to recognize the potential of processed vegetables and to reflect this in forthcoming policy initiatives and public communication campaigns.

“The sector strives for greater recognition and is ready to engage in dialogue with stakeholders“ said Chairman of the PROFEL Canned Vegetable Group Michiel Van Ginkel from leading Dutch brand HAK.