Overtake to get ahead of turf weeds in Ireland

The new herbicide, Overtake, from Syngenta gives the chance to clean out broad-leaved weeds in turf grass.

Now available for golf course and sports turf management in Ireland, the unique
combination of two herbicide actives gives consistently reliable results in more
variable spring conditions, against a wide spectrum of problematic weeds.

Furthermore, Syngenta application trials have shown optimum results with
treatment at a water volume of just 200 l/ha, giving significant savings in time and
reduced interruption in play, compared to herbicide treatments typically applied at
400 l/ha or more.

Syngenta Technical Manager, Glenn Kirby, reported Overtake has shown
outstanding turf safety in more than 70 trials across nine countries. In the UK, STRI
recorded no adverse phytotoxic effects across 19 cultivars of all key cool-season
turf grass species, even at more than double recommended application rate.

“Weeds compete with turf for light, moisture and nutrients. Removing weed
competition early in the season ensures more of the inputs you put on are better
utilised for turf growth – creating stronger more resilient turf and better playing
conditions,” advocated Glenn.

Overtake targets most of the problematic broad-leaved weeds in turf grass. Early
treatment in the spring enables vigorous turf recovery to fill gaps and minimise risk
of weed reinvasion.

“In addition to greater reliability in a wider range of temperatures and conditions,
the two different modes of action in Overtake reduces the risk of weed resistance
developing,” he added. Overtake is a Syngenta optimised formulation to target
broad-leaved weeds.

To get the best from Overtake, Glenn advised application in spring when weeds
are actively growing and the leaves are dry. Treatment should be made at a rate of
2.0 l/ha, applied in 200 l/ha water volume, using XC025 or XC04 nozzles to better
target the leaf area and minimise risk of drift. Turf should be left for three days after
application before mowing.

Colman Warde, ICL Country Manager for Ireland, which will be distributing
Overtake added: “This is the third exciting new turf product for Ireland from
Syngenta in recent months, following on from the launch of Ascernity fungicide and
Hicure biostimulant.

“The commitment to R&D investment in turf is crucial to give us a full range of
options for a truly Integrated Turf Management approach, incorporating all aspects
of the ICL portfolio. Combined with Turf Rewards to access turf management tools,
it is a really compelling offer for superintendents and sports turf managers.”