New Irish National Compost Quality Standard

At the request of rx3, NSAI commenced the development of an Irish Standard which specifies quality requirements for compost produced from source segregated separately collected biodegradable materials including biodegradable municipal waste in late 2009. This standard, designated IS441, has been developed by Working Group 2 (Compost quality) established under NSAI’s Environmental Standards Consultative Committee (ESCC) with participation by a number of organisations. Public consultation was conducted during late 2010, prior to its publication recently.

The development of a national compost quality standard is seen as necessary to help create and stimulate markets for compost-based products and will contribute to the reduction of biodegradable wastes going to landfill. Additionally, such a standard will support the long-term growth of the composting industry and ensure product satisfaction to maintain consumer confidence.

This standard is available to purchase online: NSAI sales or Tel: + 353 1 857 6730

Source: rx3 – National Compost Quality Standard, IS441 , with NSAI