In Glass Horticulture Planned Expansions Equal Plans to Stop

The percentage of glasshouse horticulturists with expansion plans is just about the same with 8.8% as those with plans to stop, namely 8.9%. The glasshouse vegetable sector is more positive than the average with 11% having plans to extend. This according to GlastuinbouwScanner Nederland 2011 of AgriDirect.

In the total group of glasshouse horticulturists the percentage of those with plans to extend or succession decreased by 9.5% in 2010 to 8.8% in 2011. The percentage of ‘stoppers’ increased in the same period from 8.4% to 8.9%. The same trends apply to companies with 2 HA or more of glass, although here the percentage of expansion plans is higher and the percentages regarding plans to stop much lower than the average in the sector.

Of the growers of vegetables under glass 11% have in the short term plans to enlarge the company or to arrange for succession. This is much higher than the average of the sector. Also the percentage of ‘stoppers’ in this group is one percent lower than in the total of the glasshouse horticultural sector. Growers of one-year garden and flowerbed plants are least positive, only 5.5% want to expand, 9.8% wants to stop or slow down in the short term.

Source: FreshPlaza – In Glass Horticulture Planned Expansions Equal Plans to Stop