John Lord Believes the Anti-Peat Lobby has Too Much Sway

It seems to me that the anti peat movement, particularly across the water, has gone way over the top, almost to the point of religiosity. They have swept all before them, and there appears to be little in the nature of rational debate. To question in any way the rationale behind this movement, puts you beyond the pale – the medieval equivalent of, say, questioning the Trinity, which might have got you burned at the stake.

We need proper debate on this issue, based on rationality and facts – debate does not consist of parading your environmental credentials for all to see, and to shout down anyone who deviates from the party line.

The trade should be more robust in the defence of its interests – a zero peat policy is NOT in the trade’s interest, and this will happen if current trends continue.

It is possible to be pro peat use and pro environment?

Politicians will just take the line of least resistance, and legislate peat use out of existence if they smell votes in it. At the moment, they cannot say two words without one of them being “sustainability” – this brings my dinner up.

Our bogs are a great RENEWABLE resource, when managed properly. We can have the best of both worlds.

Source: John Lord