King Edward Potato Most Recognized Potato Variety in the UK

Recent findings from YouGov SixthSense reveal that the Kind Edward potato is familiar to 84% of UK adult potato eaters, making it the most recognised potato variety.

The Maris Piper (83%) and Jersey Royal (81%) closely follow. Meanwhile, potato varieties such as the Charlotte (55%), Rooster (55%) and Desiree (53%) are not as well-known with UK adult potato eaters.

UK consumers are also less enamoured with ‘premium’ brands of potato, and are willing to make do with the ‘value’ standard spud. While just over one in five (21%) YouGov respondents agreed with the statement ‘I tend to buy premium potatoes because they taste a lot nicer’, 35% disagreed, which suggests that unlike other products, the premium potato does not hold sway.

Findings also reveal that Tesco is the most popular supermarket for buying potatoes with 55% of UK adults. Sainsbury’s and Asda lag behind, achieving 37% and 32% consumer penetration respectively.

Source: potatopro – King Edward Potato Most Recognized Potato Variety in the UK