HortiTrends Weekly Comment & News Digest Feb 23rd

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Kinsealy Research Centre Should Close was the most read article last week and there have been some interesting comments left on the actual article itself. In case you didn’t know already, you can leave a response to any article that is published on the site. John Lord and Karl Carolan left some interesting comments. See also a follow on response from Clare Daly TD Millions To Be Squandered on Unnecessary Teagasc Kinsealy Move.

Helen King of Bord Bia gave a presentation on the future Consumer Outlook at the Amenity Seminar last week that was described by some as insightful and others as depressing depending how you interpreted the data. It was overall a good seminar and networking event with a varied mix of attendees from most sectors of horticulture. If you were expecting to jump into the super league of the 5***** garden centre awards but are still stuck down the rankings there is always next year. It was all happy faces at the awards though and you can see the results and photos here at Bord Bia Amenity Horticulture Quality Award Winners. A good event overall but as we predicted though, the promotion of the event was not what it could have been. Ena Ronayne who is a great news source for HortiTrends was not happy at finding out about the event on the day it was happening. If Ena did not know about it then you can be sure there were many others. During and after the event communication with Bord Bia has been excellent

You will of course also know that after a long absence the Nursery Stock Conference returned today and is being offered in both a seminar and practical demonstrations format that will suit the whole crowd. We will have more information in next weeks newsletter.

In preparation for the beginning of a major Canada jobs hiring advertising campaign we will be publishing a guidelines article next week such as visa requirements and the points system to determine eligbilty to apply for one of the many positions.

Take part in our own Poll – What are your Confidence Levels for the Business of Horticulture in 2012? to gauge the industry’s outlook for 2012. You have until next Thursday to vote. The very interesting results so far show that those with High/ Very High and Low/Very Low business confidence levels are neck and neck at 30%. Out in front at 40% are those who say they have medium a level of business confidence for 2012. Don’t be a bystander. Click on the poll link above and have your say. Who takes part in our polls? Successful companies like Rentes Plants, who predict the best year out of the last 5 for the coming year. Instant Plain Talking results that like everything else on HortiTrends assists you to make the right business decisions.

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