Leading the way in offering the very best in product innovation, visitors to the ICL stand (D9) at GLAS, which is held at Dublin’s Citywest Hotel on 18 July 2019, will get the chance to discover a wide range of new products and innovative technologies.

Not only does the GLAS exhibition offer visitors the chance to see some of Ireland’s leading horticulture growers but it also offers excellent networking and learning opportunities through a programme of advanced workshops and mentoring sessions.

This will be the first exhibition since ICL was announced as official suppliers of Ecoplug Max, the treatment for tree stumps to minimise root and stump sprouting, to the Republic of Ireland.

ICL’s newly launched products include:

A new selective herbicide for use on woody weeds in amenity grassland – Synero is the ultimate tool for controlling invasive weeds on a commercial scale. Its large pack size and low application rate make it the most economical way of controlling tough weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and other invasive weeds.

A unique, recycled, slow-release phosphorus launched into 2 new analyses to provide significantly increased rooting and more efficient nutrient use over traditional phosphorus sources.

Vine Weevil Seeka contains Heterorhabditis bacteriophora beneficial nematodes (85%) and is recommended for use in soil or container-grown crops when soil temperatures are between 12°C – 30°C for at least two weeks after application. Vine Weevil Seeka is part of ICL’s new programmed IPM approach to vine weevil control featuring advice on cultural controls, plus beneficial nematode and compatible chemical controls such as Exemptor.

To maximise the effectiveness of the Seeka range, ICL has launched Transporter – a superior blend of surfactants that optimises water, and hence nematode, distribution in the growing media. Rigorously tested, Transporter is guaranteed to be compatible with beneficial nematode species.

As well as showcasing their ever-evolving product ranges, the ICL technical team will be on hand to talk all things horticulture, turf and landscape. Please visit www.icl-sf.ie.

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