UK exhibitor group at IPM 2024 reports fruitful participation

The Commercial Horticultural Association’s UK exhibitors at IPM (23 to 26 January, Essen) praise the event’s global status and the quality audience that it attracts.

The CHA group included specialist breeders and growers David Austin Roses, The Guernsey
Clematis Nursery/Raymond Evison Clematis and Pinnacle Plants, alongside accessories
suppliers Air-Pot®, Plantopia Eco Pulp, PPC Labels and Tyne Moulds & Machinery Co Ltd.

Design specialist Garden Centre Design Consultancy – C Long Design Studios also exhibited
with the group in Hall 7, with INDO Lighting, supplier of glasshouse and greenhouse
systems exhibiting in Hall 3.

Jeremy Watkinson, Managing Director PPC Labels commented: “The show has been good in
terms of new customers and existing growers mainly, with some garden centre groups
from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait and Denmark. IPM is the best show in Europe for
ornamental horticulture and is the most important show that we do.”

Kate Porter Head of International Partner Network, David Austin Roses was also pleased
with their participation: “We have connected with existing contacts and had meaningful
conversations with contacts to develop following on from the show. It’s been a great place
to showcase the new material we’ve launched. There’s nothing else like it in terms of
international reach for our team – it’s the only show which offers the opportunity to draw
international visitors.”

Andrew Jeanes International Sales and Marketing Manager of The Guernsey Clematis
Nursery/Raymond Evison Clematis complimented the event on its global reach: “The
quality of visitors has been very, very good. We’ve had good conversations with existing
and new clients. IPM is a very important show, being a global brand and stands alone – we
don’t do any other international shows, as this is truly worldwide.”

Anthony Long from Garden Centre Design Consultancy – C Long Design Studios also
praised the quality of attendance: “IPM draws a multi-national, not just a European
audience. We have done the show for 20 years and it is the most plant focused of meeting
places. We bring customers here – we brought four from the USA and seven from the
Slavic Baltic states.”

Sustainable British innovations
The UK group demonstrated a range of sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate

Plantopia Eco Pulp was showing its brand new sustainable plant tray for Danish trolleys. The tray is made from recycled material and is compostable as well as absorbent, to keep plants moist while on display.

Developed over 25 years, Air-Pot’s containers actively enhance growth. Toughly constructed from recycled plastic the containers are reusable and last many years.

INDO Lighting launched a brand new lighting system. These plug and play lights for glasshouses and greenhouses are perfect for 1000w HPS replacements, saving substantial amounts of energy for growers of salads, plants and vegetables.

PPC Labels is ‘committed to greener printing’, offering polypropylene produced from a high percentage of recycled material, plus water-resistant, biodegradable and compostable card “Delipac” for use on tags and packaging. All of its paper comes from FSC-certified sources, with a wide range of recycled papers and boards.

Garden Centre Design Consultancy – C Long Design Studios design buildings to mitigate climate change, with one design having a retractable roof which breathes and lives – it opens when the sun shines and closes when it rains, has low running costs through technically innovative lighting which only uses energy when needed and is plant compatible, domestic leisure compatible, delivering a minimum saving of 40% on a garden centres’ running costs.

Tyne Moulds & Machinery Co Ltd uses 90% recycled consumer plastics in the making of all of its products and granulate waste materials to recycle and use again. It also has solar panels on its factory roof, generating over 150 kilowatts of power.

Further information on the UK group at IPM can be seen here.