IPM Summer Edition offered a welcome platform for the horticultural industry

Am 13. und 14. Juni 2022 findet in der Messe Essen und im Grugapark die IPM Summer Edition statt. Der sommerliche Treffpunkt für die grüne Branche bietet den Fachbesucher*innen neben Produkten aus den Bereichen Pflanzen, Technik, Ausstattung und Floristik ein hochkarätiges Rahmenprogramm mit Fachforen, Trend- und Themenrundgängen sowie einer Sommerparty. On 13 and 14 June 2022, the IPM Summer Edition will take place at Messe Essen and in the Grugapark. The summer meeting place for the green sector offers trade visitors not only products from the areas of plants, technology, garden features and floristry but also a top-class supporting programme with specialist forums, trend and thematic tours and a summer party. 13-06-2022/Essen/Germany Foto: Schuchrat Kurbanov/©MESSE ESSEN GmbH --- Zulässige Nutzung: Der Nutzer erhält an dem Bild ein einfaches Nutzungsrecht, ausschließlich für eine redaktionelle, journalistische Berichterstattung – in Online- und Printmedien, Film und TV über die MESSE ESSEN, eine Veranstaltung der MESSE ESSEN oder eine auf dem Messegelände der MESSE ESSEN stattfindenden Veranstaltung. Die Nutzung des Bildmaterials ist für die berichtenden Medien mit Urhebervermerk und Beleg ist honorarfrei gestattet. Der Nutzer verpflichtet sich dazu, die dem Bild zugeordneten Informationen, insbesondere Bildbeschreibung und Fotograf, bei der Nutzung in korrekter Weise zu verwenden und zu veröffentlichen. Jede andere Nutzung bedarf der Zustimmung durch die Messe Essen GmbH. Die Messe Essen haftet nicht für Verletzung von Rechten abgebildeter Personen und/oder Objekten. Es werden durch die Messe Essen keine Persönlichkeits-, Eigentums-, Kunst-, Marken- oder ähnliche Rechte eingeräumt, die Einholung der o.g. Rechte obliegt allein dem Nutzer. Der Verkauf und die Weitergabe der Bilddatei an Dritte sowie das nicht-autorisierte Kopieren oder sonstige Vervielfältigen dieser Bilddatei auf alle Arten von Datenträgern ist nicht gestattet. --- Permiss

“It’s great to feel IPM again,” were the welcoming words of Messe Essen CEO Oliver P. Kuhrt at the Trade Congress at IPM Summer Edition.

The side event marked the start of the summer edition of the IPM ESSEN International Plant Fair on 13 and 14 June 2022 at Messe Essen. The meeting place for the green sector counted over 230 exhibitors and 1,800 trade visitors. In two exhibition halls, the focus was on innovative products and services in the areas of plants, technology, floristry and equipment. The extensive supporting programme invited visitors to exchange ideas and network. Key topics were peat reduction, environmentally friendly packaging and marketing strategies.  

“The many discussions at the stands, the lively participation in the supporting programme and the uniquely good atmosphere have made it clear how much the sector wanted a platform after such a long time without IPM ESSEN”, sums up Sabina Großkreuz, Senior Vice President Marketing at Messe Essen. “We are delighted with the good response and are looking forward with anticipation to IPM ESSEN 2023”. 

New products and innovations

In Halls 7 and 8, the trade visitors were able to discover numerous new products from the 232 exhibitors from 21 nations and use the pleasant fair atmosphere for further discussions. Plant varieties for beds and balconies, green indoor plants, perennials and woody plants were just as much a part of the range as horticultural technology, shop fittings and products for the floral retail trade. Sustainability topics played the main role: from pots made of biodegradable or recycled material to insect-friendly and heat tolerant plants to peat-free soils and efficient technology. Peter Hölzer, Sales Manager Germany at Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG, was satisfied with the trade fair participation: “Our expectations for the IPM Summer Edition were exceeded. The visitors – including many producers and garden centres – were very interested in our sprayers and we were able to hold intensive discussions. It was the right decision to participate in the fair. The positive response is our motivation for IPM ESSEN in January 2023.” 

IPM Discovery Center and digital showroom 

Trade visitors found inspiration, trends and marketing tips in particular at the IPM Discovery Center in Hall 7. Creative Director Romeo Sommers staged the exhibitors’ products in coherent POS concepts and guided visitors through the presentation in tours. Garry Grüber, Managing Director, Cultivaris GmbH, was one of the exhibitors: “The concept of the IPM Discovery Center was ideal for presenting our plants with little effort but great effect. I was very busy every day and the quality of the discussions was right. Moreover, it was very gratifying to see the many colleagues again after such a long time without a fair. My conclusion: a small but fine fair, of which I am pleasantly surprised.”  

The affiliated Speakers’ Corner also provided new insights and highlighted aspects such as dealing with price increases, online marketing tools and current trend messages. Even after the fair, those interested can discover the IPM Discovery Center on the IPM Summer Edition website in the digital showroom. Touchpoints lead to the products, ranges and exhibitors. 

Supporting programme with added value 

The trade congress “Think, Say, Do – A look at our industry world of tomorrow” provided much new food for thought. At the invitation of the North Rhine-Westphalia Horticultural Association, the Association of German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade – BGI, Landgard and IPM ESSEN, the congress participants learned about the current market situation, peat substitutes, transport packaging and marketing trends. 

The trade visitors found creative and practical ideas for the specialist retail trade as well as floristry accessories in the FDF World. There, the Federal Trade Association of German Florists (FDF) provided an overview of current floristry topics. 

The themed tours through the Grugapark also scored points with the trade visitors. The date of the fair made it possible to experience the popular green space in its colourful splendour of blossoms and leaves. 

The Grugapark was also the venue for the IPM Summer Edition Party on the evening of the first day of the fair. The rousing show band “Goodfellas” ensured a festive mood among the invited guests.

Save the date 

“With the end of the IPM Summer Edition, the preparations for IPM ESSEN 2023 begin. Many things that have now been initiated will be continued, expanded and presented to an even more international audience at IPM ESSEN 2023”, Andrea Hölker, Project Manager of IPM, gives an outlook. 

The next world’s leading trade fair for horticulture, IPM ESSEN, will take place as usual at the beginning of next year, from 24 to 27 January 2023, at Messe Essen. 

Further information at: www.ipm-summeredition.de