Brigid 1500 Commemorative Garden – Bord Bia Bloom


Marking the 1500 anniversary of St Brigid’s death, this garden recreates the simplicity of a sixth century garden and pays tribute to the patron saint.

The central focus is a life-sized model of St Brigid, handwoven from Irish-grown willow. A cloak of sheep’s wool trails from her shoulders and flows to meet the grass within the garden. The natural white wool at the edge of the cloak continues around the border of the grass, with white native flowers representing the cloak covering the Curragh of Kildare. The wool was sourced from the designers’ sheep, handwashed and dyed naturally.

Structures within the garden include a drying shed woven from hazel rods, a fire pit surrounded by a dry stone wall seat, and a small pond. All plants in the garden are functional and have been chosen for their edible or medicinal properties, or their use in textiles and construction.

Designer Information
Heritage Design is a group of earthy garden enthusiasts from Kildare/West Wicklow area. A member of the group, Judy, sowed the seed of inspiration to commemorate Brigid 1500 by developing a St Brigid’s garden. A design was initiated, and work commenced by a very collaborative and skilled team.

Sadly, Judy Howard passed away on March 7th. Her colleagues in Heritage Design – Michael Early, Gerard Ford, Allicia Geraghty, Margaret Podger (Designer), Bernadette Ward, and Nuala Waters – remember Judy with fondness as we bring Brigid from Kildare to Bord Bia Bloom.

Contact Details
Name: Heritage Design team