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About the Garden – Concept Garden
This small balcony garden has a low carbon footprint and is designed for urban dwellers who enjoy gardening and care deeply about the environment. It demonstrates how you can grow your own food, reduce waste, and live a healthier lifestyle regardless of the size of your outdoor area.

The space is multi-functional, restful, and sustainable. A decorative working area and integrated seating within the planting help provide a sense of wellbeing. Edibles are grown alongside plants that benefit biodiversity and can reduce air pollution when planted at scale.

The growing media substrates used within the planters have been specifically designed for small gardens and are a core focus of the design. Lightweight and nutrient-rich, they are effective in varying conditions within an urban environment.

All materials connect to the natural world and have been sustainably sourced or repurposed. The design can easily be replicated and scaled up for larger spaces.
About the Designer

Designer Information
Gavin Saunders and Stephen Mackle are based in County Antrim and specialise in retail and horticultural design. They have worked on multiple design projects across Ireland, taking inspiration from the natural world.

Gavin and Stephen believe that our surroundings are more important than ever, that we need a better understanding of the value of our immediate spaces, and that we need to be more sustainable within our green spaces. They both have a strong focus on environmental horticulture and soil health.

This is Gavin and Stephen’s first garden at Bord Bia Bloom.

Contact Details
Name: Gavin Saunders & Stephen Mackle
Email: info@newleafcompost.com