Nangle & Niesen invest €140,000 in Pazzaglia FZ 200 rootball lifting machine

Nangle & Niesen have just taken delivery of a new Pazzaglia FZ 200 rootball lifting machine. Ronan Nangle tells HC “It is the only one of it’s kind in Ireland and the UK. It is an Italian machine which has been modified by Damcon in Opheusen, Holland to meet the specific needs of the Irish tree nursery environment and conditions. It came with blades ranging from 100cm to 180cm and will allow them added capacity to meet our client’s requests as the business continues to grow. It will now allow them to lift trees up to 70/80 and 80/90cm.”

The machine itself cost €121,000 with the blades and accessories costing another €9,000. The built-in crane cost an extra €9,500 but allows them to operate safely, and protecting the tree by ensuring that the tree they are working with stays vertical during the lifting process.

He goes on to say “The overall investment of 130k shows our commitment to our clients now and for the future. Our investments in technology and innovation will give us the ability to increase our capacity and meet our customer’s requirements for the coming years.”