Nangle and Niesen currently have a fantastic range of flowering magnolias and cherry trees in bloom at their nursery.

Ronan Nangle tells HC. “Our range includes Magnolia sieboldii with its exceptionally beautiful anemone-like pure white flowers and red stamens, and the evergreen Magnolia grandiflora with its huge cream-colored flowers and glossy dark green leaves.

Great examples of the cherry trees include Prunus x yedoensis which puts on a wonderful display of almond-scented, blush-white blossoms in late March and early April. Its also has attractive fruits which are dark red, almost black. Another favorite amongst our stock is Prunus serrula ‘Amanogawa’ which is a late April and early May blossoming Japanese Cherry. Perfect as a street or garden tree where space is at a premium, this tightly columnar cultivar is often grown as a feathered tree to maximize the number of semi-double, shell pink flowers it produces.”

Ronan Nangle is pleased to welcome you to the Nursery by appointment. He tells HC “Feel free to contact us to with any queries you may have, as we are always happy to talk about our trees.”