NI O’Neill Strengthens Plant Health Controls for Potatoes

The shortfall in ware potato production this season across the north and in Britain is resulting in greater volumes of potato imports from other EU member states. The Minister said: “I am introducing legislation today to help minimise the risk of introducing Potato Ring Rot to the north of Ireland.

My Department has identified an increased threat arising from increased volumes of ware potatoes for processing from other EU potato producing areas.” This legislation will require pre-notification of imports of ware potatoes from Poland, Romania, Spain and Portugal. This will assist the Department in targeting resources on inspecting and sampling higher risk material.

The Minister added: “It is important we all remain vigilant to threats to our Plant Health status in the north. Any introduction of a quarantine pest or an economically damaging pest not known to occur here would undermine our high grade community status for seed potatoes, which is recognised by the EU.”

Source: Northern Ireland Executive – NI O’Neill Strengthens Plant Health Controls for Potatoes