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You will notice that we have started to sector the news to the appropriate horticulture sectors on the site in order to save you time because time is equal to money in all of our working lives. Information overload is an issue for us all too so if you feel that the newsletter is not delivering any worthwhile information that empowers your business there is an unsubscribe button at the end of this newsletter and don’t be afraid to click it. Equally there is a forward button and if you think that what we do is of interest to a friend or colleague please let them know about us.

Each week our newsletter goes out to over 3600 people across all the sectors in horticulture. We have had 32 unsubscribers which is around the 1% mark out of total recipients. Co-incidentally that figure is equal to the www.HortiTrends.com bounce rate of about 1%. A bounce rate is about the amount of people out of every 100 who arrive at your site looking for information and when they don’t find it they just click right back out. Google, other search engines and the customer will punish you when this happens too often. Our bounce rate means that when people search on google for certain information we come up as a reliable source for that information. What information do you want your customer to find? Many businesses take a ‘Build it and they will come’ approach to websites. Ask your customer what they would like to be able to do and what information they would like to find on your website, then build it.

We have also introduced a new series which will feature horticulture/gardening related poetry. We will be publishing in full ‘The Garden Wars’ by Rónán Ó Snodaigh over the coming months. He speaks from the heart and with passion about what we are all doing every day and also makes part of his living from our sector. The language is strong and I have stuck in a few stars here and there for the faint hearted. I am censoring which I am not comfortable with as I want this site to be about speaking your mind. If you have a strong opinion or a comment to make then you can make them at the end of the editorial or at the end of each article. If you have a poem, joke or a story that you want to share with the masses please forward it on. If you want to take over the weekly comment please let us know. They let Bono do it every now and again in the UK and USA so feel free.

Its an important weekend also. Aprils fools day and Mothers day fall close together but we all know that Mother’s are no fools. The banks and the country are close to bankrupt. We are all in it, I think…. for about €16,000 per man, woman and child. In the weekend that we reward Mother’s for the often thankless task of running households and the accompanying budgets, I do wonder where might the country be if the government and banks had applied the Mothers attitude to running her household budget i.e. “Don’t spend (or loan) what you don’t have. Here’s to all the Mothers out there who are leading, or are the backbone of many of the horticulture businesses in Ireland. Now we just have to get them into government and it’ll all be OK.
Happy Mothers Day!