Watch “Home Grown – Episode 1: Irish Green Guys” on YouTube

“Home Grown” - A celebration of the Irish Horticulture Industry, sponsored by Bord Bia

Home Grown is a brand new 7-part series that celebrates the Irish Horticulture industry, presented by Kitty Scully and Colm O’Driscoll. Kitty and Colm travel all over Ireland in search of stories that celebrate Irish Horticulture and growing in all its variety, from sports turf for the hallowed ground of Croke Park, to potatoes, carrots, trees, and shrubs. What about ‘Growing in the dark’ – Ireland is a world leader in mushroom production, and innovation is key. There’s cut foliage growing for the high-end floristry sector at home and abroad, fascinating stories of overcoming adversity and bringing new innovations to growing lettuce.

Travel from meeting Irish Seed Savers who are saving Ireland’s heritage seeds to the world’s largest seed bank – Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. Learn about the multi-faceted world of the humble potato and a surprising by-product that’s being produced from the ugly ones not accepted for supermarket shelves. Most of all meet the dedicated growers who bring fresh produce and ornamental plants to your homes. As well as stories about the different growers and producers, and recognising the surge in interest in gardening, there are visits to inspirational gardens which are open to the public, as well as insights into the many uses of plants. You’ll be surprised at how diverse, fascinating, and surprising horticulture is.