Viveralia – Professional Exhibition of Ornamental Plants and Related – HortiTrends Will be Attending

Viveralia brings together the main nursery professionals and becomes a basic reference point for professionals in nurseries, gardens and gardening, as it brings together the most complete and qualified in the sector.

The contest is aimed at a strictly professionals. Viveralia is a great meeting point for exhibitors and visitors, as well as a showcase to present the latest developments and promote the image of the sectors involved to consumers.

In Viveralia celebrate various activities such as, the 4th Technical Conference organized by the Polytechnic School of Orihuela, in Miguel Hernández University, where lectures and exhibited the greatest interest for both exhibitors and visitors. So we’re going to do with the collaboration of the Hon. Ayto de Elche, and the Association of Plant Production Nurseries the province of Alicante, VAME and Association of Palm Clipper is an exhibition of pruning.

The IFA exhibition center, awarded to the exhibitor with the best tree unique exposure and best decorated booth.

HortiTrends will be attending Viveralia.

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Source: Viveralia – Professional Exhibition of Ornamental Plants and Related