UK Health Conscious Parents Substitute Juice for Fruit

The Fresh Produce Consortium has responded to an article on, where it was implied that “five-a-day ruins kid’s teeth”. In a statement the consortium said – Fresh fruit and vegetables are vital as part of a healthy diet, providing an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fibre in a convenient, cost effective way. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be part of a balanced healthy diet for children if parents follow some simple guidance.

The British Dental Association recommends that one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables should be part of a child’s lunchbox. “It’s vital that we look after young children’s teeth as well as giving them a head start to establish healthy eating patterns, but this doesn’t mean that fresh fruit and vegetables cannot be eaten outside mealtimes,” said Nigel Jenney, Chief Executive of the Fresh Produce Consortium.

“Fresh fruit and vegetables are convenient, healthy snacks, and are far more nutritious than processed alternatives which can be high in fat and sugar.”

The website referred to the fact that “children who drink large amounts of fruit juice as part of their ‘five a day’ could be damaging their teeth, as dentists have warned”.

Kathy Harley, dean of the dental faculty at the Royal College of Surgeons is concerned that health-conscious parents who regularly give their children juices and smoothies may be doing long-term damage.

Source: Fresh Plaza – UK Health Conscious Parents Substitute Juice for Fruit