Trinity Centre for Biodiversity Research

The Centre’s focus is on conserving Biodiversity in a changing world where sustainability of natural resources is a challenging but important goal. It is crucial in ensuring that our global society can develop to its full potential within awell-protected environment, balancing economic, social and environmental demands – the three ‘pillars’ of sustainability. Sustainable utilisation of the natural world and its biodiversity requires wide, cross-disciplinary analysis including natural and social sciences, engineering solutions, economic assessment and strategic planning; combining them to provide effective transformations towards a more sustainable society.

Farming in Thailand

Biodiversity is defined as the variability among living organisms from all sources including the ecological complexes of which they are part. It is the foundation of ecosystem services upon which human well-being depends. However, biodiversity is being lost at an unprecedented rate, which is eroding our capacity to sustain the planet. Given the recent recognition of climate change as a key driver for biodiversity loss, in association with historical challenges of habitat and land use change, the conservation of biodiversity is at the core of sustainable development. It is only through the utilisation of the living environment in a renewable fashion that we can achieve a sustainable future.

The Centre for Biodiversity Research represents a core of skilled academic researchers in the field and aims to promote innovative and interdisciplinary research encompassing all aspects affecting the natural world. The Centre is the first of its kind in Ireland and is a flagship initiative for the School of Natural Sciences and for Trinity College and has strong links with other centres working on related topics