Strengthened connection between physical and digital visibility

Obvious continuation cooperation GrootGroenPlus and Varb!

Varb and trade fair GrootGroenPlus (GGP) are moving fast and decisive, with the aim to create the best type of visibility for outdoor green, using their cooperation. Both organisations focus their efforts on strong and stable platforms that actively move with the requests for the future.

Trade fair GrootGroenPlus (4 – 6 October 2023 in Zundert (NL) and Varb, therefore, have decided to continue their valuable partnership in 2023. That means that this year, a new i-frame can be combined with all participant profiles, with a current offer per participant, both on the website and in the trade fair app. Of course, we will opt once again for offering the information in two languages.

In 2023, the full current offer of all participants will be presented on the homepage of the trade fair and in the app. All green participants use this for their product details and they will enhance it with current photos. This will create great visibility of the grower, but also of the total assortment overall.

Dynamic and Digital
This year’s theme of the trade fair GrootGroenPlus is ‘Dynamic and Digital’. That is a great fit with the Varb partnership. Which is both dynamic and digital. On top of that, the cooperation offers the participants of the trade fair GrootGroenPlus many possibilities to work on the digital side of their business in a dynamic way.

Exclusive benefits for participants in trade fair GrootGroenPlus 2023
This year, the cooperation between trade fair GrootGroenPlus and Varb will also offer the participants exclusive benefits. Anyone participating in the 33rd edition of the trade fair, which will be held from 4 – 6 October, can show their full own current stock in Varb. Entering the stock can be done two weeks in advance so that it will be visible the moment everything goes live. Participants who are not a member of Varb (yet) will get a free demo account to make use of this benefit. The digital supply bank will open 2 weeks prior to the trade fair and it will remain open until 1 week after the trade fair so that interested parties – filled with the inspiration of three days of the trade fair – have the opportunity to look back at all they saw.

Freely accessible anywhere
The system is globally accessible. Visitors do not need to register or create an account to access it. This makes it easy to use and enhances the impact. The landing page, the participant profiles, and the trade fair app of GrootGroenPlus are used quite often. People are especially drawn to the photos and detail pages. Even though the links with Varb are not live yet, we do advise all participants to keep their participant page up to date and to add information to it if necessary.
Using the link with Varb, GrootGroenPlus participants can make optimum use of free company and product promotion. Suppliers do not get a Varb link, but they have other options to expand on their participant profile. We are very happy and proud do be able to deepen the partnership, and to continue to surprise all of our participants with the unique benefits of this cooperation. Did you not register yet for trade fair GrootGroenPlus on 4 – 6 October 2023? More information and the registration form can be found at After registration, you will immediately receive your login data and your page will be visible right away. If you are not a member of Varb yet, and you want to remain visible in the supply bank throughout the year for the almost 1,000 Varb members, even after GGP has ended, check out for more information!