Sewage Plant Fears for Horticulture – Councillors Bombarded with Emails

FINGAL county councillors were bombarded with emails prior to last month’s meeting of the full council urging them to support a motion rejecting plans to bring a monster sewage plant to Fingal.

Reclaim Fingal, the umbrella group for community organisations fighting the controversial proposal all over the county encouraged its supporters to email the councillors urging them to vote for the motion. The motion proposed by Cllr Eoghan O’brien (FF) stated: ‘ That the members of Fingal County Council reject out of hand the plans to locate a monster sewage plant in Fingal and call on the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government to scrap this project with immediate effect.’ The email from supporters of the campaign against the regional sewage plant told councillors: ‘ I am writing to ask for your support against plans for a super regional sewage treatment facility in the Fingal area. ‘ It is feared the Greater Dublin Drainage project will have a detrimental effect on farming and horticulture in the heart of Ireland’s market garden and destroy North Dublin’s environmentally sensitive coastline, which has several areas of special protection.’ The email ended with a direct question to each councillor asking how they intended to vote on the motion.

Source: Fingal Independent – Councillors Bombarded with Emails