Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland Honors Philip Hollwey with Hetherington Medal of Honour

The Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland (RHSI), a charity founded in 1816, dedicated to advancing horticulture, arboriculture, and floral art, proudly announces the awarding of the prestigious Hetherington Medal of Honour to Mr. Philip Hollwey, the current Chair of the RHSI.

In commemoration of the RHSI’s bicentennial anniversary, the society’s board decided to reinstate the tradition of awarding medals, aligning with its mission to foster excellence in horticulture. The Hetherington Medal is bestowed at the discretion of the president and board to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the society’s work and development.

Mr. Hollwey, the present chair, has demonstrated unwavering commitment and leadership during his tenure. Serving as a member of the council for several years, he assumed the role of director under the new regime, guiding the RHSI through numerous transitional challenges with dedication and tireless effort.

Notably, Mr. Hollwey played a pivotal role in the development of the Bellefield project, fuelled by the generous bequest of Bellefield by the late Angela Jupe. He devoted substantial personal time to navigate legal and taxation complexities, leading to the successful vesting of the property and the opening of RHSI Garden Bellefield.
In addition to overseeing the Bellefield project, Mr. Hollwey diligently administers the day-to-day affairs of the society, including RHSI Garden Russborough, Laurelmere, and hosting informative Zoom talks. His multifaceted contributions make him an exceptional recipient of the Hetherington Medal.

The Hetherington Medal, initiated to honour the legacy of Francis Hetherington, is a silver medal awarded periodically to members who have demonstrated outstanding service to the RHSI. Brenda Branigan and Peter Harrison, the first recipients of this revived tradition, have met and exceeded the criteria for their exemplary contributions. The RHSI extends its heartfelt congratulations to Philip Hollwey for this well-deserved honour and expresses gratitude for his dedication to advancing the society’s mission.