Organic Horticultural Company Allows Consumers To Harvest Their Own Veg

Organic horticultural company allows consumers to harvest themselves. Between Lettele and Schalkhaar the entrepreneur Jan-Jaap Scholten started an organic horticultural company in which consumers can participate. For an amount of 175 euro per person people may themselves, in the period from May to February harvest vegetables at the company. Also they have a say in the varieties of vegetables grown by the horticulturist. Each week Scholten sends an e-mail to his customers specifying what they can harvest and how much. Country-wide there are 10 companies, which work in a comparable manner. The region Deventer Scholten has the first.

Up to now the grower has 20 clients. He hopes this number increase will during the course of this year increase to 75. Ultimately there must be 150 to make the company profitable. Scholten plans to grow 40 different vegetables, amongst which broccoli, pointed cabbage, curly kale and ‘forgotten’ vegetables, such as black salsifa and parsnips, so that even during the winter months something can be harvested. In the longer term he hopes to be able to offer fruit, herbs and flowers as well.

Source: De Stentor