New CC Container Depots in the Netherlands


Further to the news release from FloraHolland, Container Centralen inform that they will now open depots in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk at a very short notice.

Recently FloraHolland announced that they no longer exchange broken CC Container shelves at their locations. In reaction to this, Container Centralen (CC) now inform that they will open two more depots in the Netherlands very soon, namely in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, to ensure that CC Container customers in the Netherlands have the possibility to hand in their broken CC Container shelves as well as other CC material. CC already has a depot in Bleiswijk. Opening hours of the CC depots, lead times for ordering, as well as procedures for exchange, and hand-ins / hand-outs of CC material can be found on

At the CC depots, the customers will be able to receive and hand in all CC material and also exchange broken CC Container material, including broken CC shelves that meet the requirements for ‘quality CC Container shelves’. The decisive requirement for shelves is a minimum thickness of the shelf hook.


Already now, broken CC Container shelves can be exchanged at CC’s current depot in Bleiswijk. Reservations can be made with CC’s Customer Service Centre on tel. 023-5544021. Reservations are mandatory.

In response to the decision of FloraHolland to no longer exchange broken CC Container shelves, Container Centralen (CC) have decided to open two new depots in the Netherlands. The new depots will be located in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, and are an addition to CC’s existing depot in Bleiswijk.