Neutrog’s Seamungus to Appear on the Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV1


Neutrog’s Seamungus will be featured on the Alan Tichmarsh Show on ITV1. 2012 will see the launch of Neutrog products in Great Britain, and we are delighted that Seamungus will make it’s big TV debut on Alan’s Show.

Never before has such a range of gardening fertilisers with such accolades made such an impact in the UK gardening market. Neutrog is supported by gardening celebrities throughout the world who use Neutrog fertilisers on their home gardens. Together with the support of many gardening clubs and societies, Neutrog hopes to bring their highly acclaimed range of fertilisers to all UK gardeners.

Neutrog’s Seamungus is made from a blend of composted manures and seaweed. The unique composting process used to make Seamungus allows it to be used with young plants and seedlings, as it won’t burn roots. It’s great in all planting situations, including “Grow your Own” and also bare root roses & hedging. It’s also great as a Winter feed, as it will break down over winter, providing readily available nutrients at the roots when they are most needed in Spring.

Next to be released is Sudden Impact for Roses, Neutrog’s premium Rose Fertiliser which can be used on all other flowering and fruiting plants. Sudden Impact for Roses has rose growers all around the world talking about this latest innovation in increasing flower quality and quantity. It is a blend of composted manure and carefully selected water soluble nutrients, which promotes the flowering process, increasing the number and vibrancy of blooms, and improving the general health of the plant.

One of Neutrog’s core values is being “Community Spirited” by supporting community based parks & gardens and garden related clubs & societies throughout the United Kingdom through the supply of free or discounted fertilisers. Neutrog is appealing to any such club or society in the UK to get in touch to start seeing these amazing results. To find out more visit

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Source: Neutrog Fertilisers Ireland