National Soil Fertility Week – ‘Getting the Balance Right’


National Soil Fertility Week – ‘Getting the Balance Right’


•    Planning fertilizer & lime decisions / choices based on the soils pH, P & K status
•    To make optimum use of organic manures / fertilizers in meeting crop nutrient requirements and maximizing crop returns
•    Optimum fertilizer applications through good quality fertilizers and well maintained & calibrated fertilizer spreaders.

1. Soil testing & liming
a. Have soil test results for the whole farm
b. Soil analysis & soil pH
c. Maintain soil pH on optimum range
d. Cost benefit

(Local Advisor)

2. Target soil P & K Index
a. Soil P & K national trends
b. Soil P & K indexes
c. Target soil index 
d. Effects on productivity – Grain / Grass yields

(David Wall)

3. Optimum use of organic manures
a. Nutrient values of organic manures
b. Timings / method of application
c. Economic value
d. Research finding in grassland & tillage

(Stan Lalor)

4. Balance supply of nutrients
a. Importance of balanced nutrient supply

(Mark Plunkett)

5. Fertilizer spreader application – Accurate application
a. To show the importance of fertilizer spreader maintenance and calibration which is essential to get optimum fertilizer utilization
b. Future & current fertilizer spreader technology e.g. new technology / accuracy –weigh cells, GPS etc

(Tom Ryan)

6. Fertilizer Association of Ireland
Fertilizer types / selection
(FAI, Representative)

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