More Than 70 Illegal Bulgarians Working at Mushroom Grower


The Labour inspection suspects a mushroom growing company from Gelderland, Holland of underpayment, letting foreigners work illegally and making the employees work too long. The Taxation Authorities are doing an inspection of their accounts and the municipality is looking at the housing.

This is the result of a check by the intervention team Champignons yesterday at various locations of the mushroom growing company from Gelderland. In the team various government services work together under the Labour inspection.

The Labour inspection suspects that the company has more than 70 Bulgarian employees working illegally. Multiple employees declared yesterday that they earn 3 euros per hour and work long days, even in the weekend. The also complained about the housing. They said they shared a room with 5 others.

The police brought two Bulgarian foremen, who were making the inspection difficult to the station. The police also took action at a location where dogs were set on the inspectors. The Labour inspection also suspects that the grower in question let his employees work with poisonous pesticides without protection.

From inspections at mushrooms growers and agencies in 2009 it was revealed that a lot was wrong. This led to fines and additional tax assessments from the Labour inspection and tax authorities. These finds were motive to visit with an intervention team again. The team want to prevent unfair competition between growers. Another goal is to prevent regular employees being repressed by people who have no right to work in Holland.

Source: Fresh Plaza – More Than 70 Illegal Bulgarians Working at Mushroom Grower