Mental Health for Horticulture

Mental Health is vital for growers working in horticulture, it is a challenging occupation and stressors can include:

  • Time pressure
  • Financial worry
  • Long working hours
  • Bureaucracy
  • Hazardous work
  • Unpredictable occurrences.

Social support has been shown to alleviate mental distress. Staying in contact with a health professional through having a regular health check-up is advised. Read also Positive Mental Health in Farming and Pain and Distress in Rural Ireland Report

Pieta will hold its annual event Darkness Into Light on Saturday May 6th. Pieta was founded in Dublin in 2006 and was established to provide free, accessible support to people affected by suicide and self-harm. Pieta list on their web site know the signs of suicide and have a toolkit of resources available.