IEA Trade & Transport Analysis 2011

The IEA recently launched the Trade and Transport Analysis 2011 at the Port of Cork offices. Port of Cork kindly sponsored the publication.

The analysis shows;

  • export volumes have now returned to the pre – recession levels
  • but import volumes are still 12.9% below 2007 levels
  • The analysis further shows that airfreight imports are down by 36% indicating a dramatic loss in high value luxury imports
  • whereas sea-freight imports are down by over 9%, reflecting the depressed domestic economy

» read the full publication; Trade and Transport Analysis 2011 (online PDF)

John Whelan, Chief Executive, stated at the launch ceremony; “Major job losses in manufacturing export industry is a major concern, hence exporters find it baffling that in the recent Budget added costs were put onto the transport sector without making allowances for the impact on export costs . Once again we are asking the Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar T.D. to introduce a Special Diesel User Rebate to support transport and export industry to ensure we have a level playing field in Europe with competitors from other EU member states who enjoy this kind of support from their governments .’’

Since the launch the IEA have met with Minister Leo Varadkar T.D. and pushed the case for a special diesel user rebate for transport industry where international trade is concerned.