HortiTrends Weekly Comment & News Digest

If you thrive on all the usual doom and gloom that is out there in the mainstream press then please Do Not Read On!

This week we bring you news of two businesses who continue to invest for the present and the future, based on actual business being done. In response to our usual news call Ardcarne Garden Centre and Annaveigh Nurseries are doing just fine and they want to tell the horticulture world about it. We are happy to oblige. Also a new retail business launch for Doyles Nurseries had a very successful opening yesterday.

Question? How do make the following happen? ‘Over 600 Turn Out for Connacht Gold’s Garden Event in Ballina’ Answer: Get involved with ‘Its Garden Time’. This really did happen for the Ballina located garden centre. It was successfully done in conjunction with Bord Bia’s promotion campaign for the garden centre sector. See the full report on its success below.

Our news for www.HortiTrends.com this week, last week and next week is that we continue to increase traffic across all our sites.

The 2011 Forestry, Woodland & Bio Energy Show has the makings of a very successful event for the sector. With an ever expanding exhibitor and events list it will give a welcome boost to all involved and interested in that area. It is open to both trade and the public. Is this type of event the way forward for all trade-shows?

As ever, John Stanley delivers useful customer orientated advice for every business no matter what sector you are in. This week he asks the question “Are You Pricing Yourself Out Of The Game?”.

If there are those of you, who like me want to pretend to take a day off then I suggest telling the family that you are taking them to the Phoenix park for the day. Just by chance, this Sunday and Monday you will come across the ISNA plant fair at Farmliegh. Its a really nice event to attend whether you are in the trade or just an ordinary citizen.

Happy Easter.