HortiTrends Weekly Comment & News Digest Jan 5th

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Welcome to 2012. How was 2011? If you are still here and in business to answer that question, then dare I say, it wasn’t such a bad year. 2012 for most businesses will be another year of consolidation and survival but everything changes and there is potential for growth in 2013 according to some of the pundits. Are you and your business ready for any growth that comes your way?



What is your ‘Social Media for Business’ and on-line marketing strategy? If you think having a couple of static web pages is enough then you may well be left in a plot that is reserved for outdated websites in the on-line graveyard. It’s where they put the sites that are not current, are not constantly changing and are not socially connected. The death of paper directories such as Yellow Pages is not so far away. When was the last time you ‘Let your fingers do the walking?’. Get all of the above right and you will just about get noticed on-line. Then what? Do you want to sell something? This is where the dog fight really starts because unless you are a brand destination-website then you have got to be on the first page of the search engines in order to be found by any potential customer’s. Get your E-commerce interaction wrong and it’s ‘One click and they are gone’.

Throughout 2012 HortiTrends will be showing you how to get the best of your business both on-line and offline. You will also be getting the latest trade news along with any other relevant marketing and business development information. We will be at all the major trade shows in 2012 and as ever will bring you the latest developments in all of the sectors we cover. We are all connected but the secret is to know how. That is what we do best so that you do not have to spend hours trawling the web for relevant business knowledge and data.

Our business directory is undergoing a revamp and will be a paid for service from the 1st of February 2012. Take some of the above advice on-board and get your listing now. Print advertising is in decline. Take advantage of our Advertising Packages and also if you need more assistance to develop your business then have a look at our professional Services.

Happyish 2012.

Thank you.

Joseph (Editor at HortiTrends)