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It’s not too late to answer the poll question Where do you source or find MOST of your horticulture news and information that influences your business decisions? Interesting results in so far with over 70 responses. Over 60% site on-line resources such as HortiTrends and Google searches as the main source of news and info. No big surprise as print has been on a downward spiral since 2006. The interesting one is that Social Media with only 3%, is not as popular a source as I and many others may have thought it would have been.

One positive is that 21% site the main source of news as lifting the phone or meeting up and talking with a horticulture colleague. In these difficult business times that is an invaluable business resource that outshines all others. Low scoring government development bodies

such as Teagasc or Bord Bia may well be happy with with their result of 3% as their remit is not to get stuck on a phone answering individual queries and instead utilise the links of mass communication such as trade organisations and HortiTrends. Why tell one when you can tell many. We agree. Nothing scientific but food for thought for all in the business of communicating, selling or influencing.


Tully Nurseries are hiring. In general looking at the amount of new jobs coming into the site it gives a sense that there is some level of recovery under-way in ornamental horticulture.

The Garden school has come up with its own solution to the downturn and is offering free horticulture training to unemployed persons.

For those of you still intent on becoming a horticulture TV superstar then Super Garden returns to the screens again this year so get your entries in!

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