HortiTrends Weekly Comment & News Digest Feb 16th

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Bord Bia Amenity Seminar Event is on tomorrow with a well focused industry line-up promised. We will be there listening to what the speakers and you have to say. Come say hello and tell us about any interesting company news or developments.

Granagh Nurseries & Garden centre is still for sale and while there was good interest in the opportunity offered it seems that interested parties are coming up against a stone wall where banks are involved.

The recruitment of Irish to work in the Canadian landscape sector looks to be proceeding as planned with a formal announcement promised next week on HortiTrends. Stay tuned!

Is there a frost dividend for Irish growers in 2012. One nursery owner we spoke to, thinks so. With the extreme freezing temperatures hitting the Netherlands and other European countries, garden centre buyers may well be looking for more Irish grown ornamental plant suppliers. Is your business benefiting? Let us know if you feel Mother nature has given Irish growers a much needed advantage over the Dutch this year.

It is being reported thatKinsealy is Still to Closeeven though some serious questions have been raised about the economic sense of that decision in the Dail recently. The facebook campaign seems to have stalled. Do we need to save Kinsealy? You can make a comment at the end of the article.

With reasonably positive soundings coming from florists after Valentines Day, the first major buying outing of flowers and plants, we thought now is a good time to gauge the Confidence Levels of the Horticulture Sector in general. This New Poll is now live and rather than some government poll where you have to wait to get the data we give you the results right away. There was a very good response to our last poll Where do you Find MOST of your Horticulture News & Information which has had over 80 responses and is producing some interesting results so far.

There is also a useful sample of the information that is available to our business support & development clients in Outdoor Living Trends

The iTree Eco Project is also a useful source of information for those who need to put an economic value on trees apart from the obvious fact that they help us to breathe.

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