HortiTrends Weekly Comment & News Digest Dec 1st

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Lots of useful news as usual below but not much in the way of opinion or editorial this week as we have been really busy finishing a feasibility study for a company launching a new ‘Grow Your Own’ product. We also carried out a consultancy for a company setting up a new garden centre venture in Dublin. There was an advert to create for an existing garden centre for sale opportunity in Limerick. We also have signed up a major company who will be the premium sponsor in the new machinery section of the website and will be the lead in next weeks Landscape Winter Products & Services Feature. We started a Social Media 4 Business Campaign which is about the best kind of Google Juice you can get.

So as you can see, we’re not just a pretty news website then. http://www.hortitrends.com/http://hortitrends.com/services The deadline passed for the December/January advertising deal on HortiTrends but if its the consumer audience you are after, then it is also your last chance to book for GIY Ireland Magazine which will be the ‘Grow Your Own’ bible for all of 2012. I know that there a small number of advert spaces left.

Thank you.

Joseph (Editor at HortiTrends)