HortiTrends Premium News Section Sponsor – What You Get!

The best value package in terms of a simple banner advert is the 12month package at a cost of €1800 (versus €300 for a single month) which means that you are running a decent ad campaign at €150 per month. See Advert Benefits, Site Stats & Packages

If you want a more targeted campaign then I would look at the package below at a cost of €3600 per news section which makes you a Premium Sponsor of a particular section of the site. We could offer your any news section that they your company may be interested in becoming a premium sponsor of.

The best part of this package is that you can adapt the ‘Call to Action’ and landing page in the banner advert up to four times in a year to target different audiences. It also includes the yearly package banner advert (as above) on the front page of www.HortiTrends.com and the following:

Premium Section Sponsorship Package

The cost of running the banner advert campaign including the other promotional advantages offered at HortiTrends for one full year is €3600 ex vat and rather than being a static printed advertisement it includes the following additional promotional and marketing activities on behalf of the ‘Premium Sponsor’ :

  • We will bring the ‘Premium Sponsor’ advert front and centre on any selected news section.
  • Complimentary Inclusion of the main banner advert on the front page of our site for 12 months and promoted to coincide with main period of customer interactions.
  • Four company/product news articles published in a year that are also the lead article in the newsletter for the week they are posted. These remain live indefinitely and create serious google juice for a companies SEO.
  • Editorial mention of suitable company related news in the weekly newsletter.
  • Preferential posting and placing of company related news throughout the year.
  • Free Posting of Demonstration & Training Events including a separate HortiTrends news post for each company event.
  • It also includes the design and creation of the banner adverts plus 4 design and content changes over the year and use of these banners in other advertising destinations by the ‘Premium Sponsor’.

In short I will work pro actively with your company as a ‘Premium Sponsor’ in marketing your horticulture related products and events across all of our web estate including our ‘Social Media for Business’ platforms along with keeping you informed of news by way of alerts that are relevant to your sector. Our news articles are also viewed on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, and many other Social Media 4 Business sites.

Once payment is received there is a body of work to be done to make the advert package effective throughout the year. It requires ongoing interaction between you the advertiser and HortiTrends to make sure that there is a measurable return on investment for your business

We can adapt the offering so that it is dynamic, targeted and at all times meeting your advertisement needs throughout the year. If you are interested or need more information please contact me to discuss further on 087 9212044.