Health & Safety Authority News on Fatalities in Agriculture

A total of 55 workplace deaths were reported to the Health and Safety Authority during 2011 according to figures released recently. This represents a 15% increase on the 48 workplace deaths reported in 2010.

During 2011 there were 22 killed while working in Agriculture compared to 25 in 2010. There were 8 fatalities in the Transport and Storage sector, an increase from 3 in 2010. In the Construction sector there were 6 deaths, the same number reported in 2010.

Over the last number of years the high fatality rate in Agriculture has resulted in the Authority increasing inspections and awareness raising activities in that sector. A new awareness raising campaign aimed at encouraging farmers to stop taking risks has just been launched. Featuring a real farmer who suffered an arm amputation, the campaign is a hard hitting one and highlights the importance of not taking risks.

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Source: National Rural Network – Health & Safety Authority News on Fatalities in Agriculture