Green Sod Land Trust in With a Chance to Share €500,000 of Social Entrepreneurs Funding

Green Sod Land Trust have made it to the second round of the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Social Impact Programme! €500,000 worth of support will be made available to the 3 successful finalists this year.

Another previous winner was GIY Ireland who have gone on to great achievements.
Find out more below.

Who We Are

What We Believe
We believe that Ireland needs new, big ideas to address the social and environmental challenges we face today. We believe that social entrepreneurs provide such high impact innovations. They ignite social change by challenging the status quo and using their entrepreneurial skills and talents not for financial gain but for public or social benefit.


What We Do
Social Entrepreneurs Ireland directly supports high potential social entrepreneurs to enable them to maximise their impact.
At the core of our activities is our Social Impact Programme which provides financial investment and direct support to early stage social entrepreneurs through a four stage process:

Selection which identifies high potential social entrepreneurs;

Celebration which shares their stories with a wider audience;

Support which provides an investment package up to €130,000 and additional support to help them grow their organisations to deliver sustainable impact;

Networking which helps them connect with the stakeholders that are going to be essential to their success.

Our commitment to the social entrepreneur is up to three years. When the term of their Award is over, Awardees become members of the wider Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Alumni Network.

When We Started
Social Entrepreneurs Ireland was founded as a programme of The One Foundation in 2004. In January 2007, in order to allow continued expansion of our activities, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland was setup as an independent organisation.

How We Are Funded
Social Entrepreneurs Ireland is funded by both private foundations and individuals. For more information, please visit our Partners page.