GIY Ireland to Launch New GIY Magazine

We are in the process of producing a 64 page GIY magazine which will be distributed to GIY members as part of the membership scheme in January next year. It will be a glossy, professional magazine similar to The Edible Garden Magazine or Garden Heaven mag. The magazine will include a heady mix of information on GIYing (veg directory, monthly growers calendar, tips, masterclass articles) and info on GIY people, projects and communities.

We are looking for help from the GIY Community in the following areas;

1) tips – we want to liberally sprinkle the magazine with short tips from the GIY community – please send any GIYing tips that you want to share to with the words “magazine tips” in the subject line. You don’t need to be an expert to share tips you’ve picked up. Please include your name, county and your GIY group (if you are in a GIY group). An example tip is: “Lift beetroot and store in sand, but don’t cut off the tops or they will bleed. Lift when a little bigger than golf balls. Store carrots the same way.”

2) Photos – we also want to include photos from GIYers in the magazine, so if you have good quality high resolution pictures of your veg patch, you in your veg patch, your veggies or anything GIY related that you are happy to see published – please email them to with the words “magazine photos” in the subject line.

3) Professional Help – we are looking for a professional illustrator or cartoonist to do a small number of illustrations in the magazine. We are also looking for a journalist to do a small number of profiles of GIYers and GIY projects. The deadline for content for the magazine is the end of November, so you would need to be able to complete the work by then. If you are interested in helping out, please email with the words “magazine help” in the subject line, outlining what expertise you can offer.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

GIY Ireland

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Source: GIY Ireland – GIY Ireland to Launch New GIY Magazine