FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2012 Honours Innovation of the Year


Detailed description of the nominees – Trade visitors will choose the winner of FLIA 2012 – Award ceremony. Berlin – One of the industry’s most coveted prizes, the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award attracts worldwide media interest. Presented to honour outstanding innovations in the fresh produce sector and its service industries, the award recognizes new products or services that have had a positive impact on the market.

A panel of experts from production and quality management, wholesale and retail, and the pack-aging and services industry evaluated numerous submissions and selected ten nominees. Their innovations will be presented in a special display area between halls 20 and 21 to more than 56,000 trade visitors at FRUIT LO-GISTICA 2012 in Berlin. Trade fair visitors can vote on the first two days of the event for the innovation of the year. The winner will be announced during the trade fair at an award ceremony. The FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2012 is awarded by Messe Berlin GmbH and the Fruchthandel Magazine, Düsseldorf.

Nominees for the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2012 include:

  • Bejo Zaden, Netherlands: Purple sprouting broccoli
  • Bud Holland, Netherlands: Achacha tropical fruit – originally from South America, now grown in Australia
  • Campo Rico, Spain: Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Healthy Foods, USA: Yonanas healthy frozen treat maker – makes ice cream from frozen fruit
  • McCarter, Slovak Republic: Pineapple juice with fruit pieces
  • Pattruss Inc., Japan: Pattruss Z – resealable salad bag
  • Rijk Zwaan, Netherlands: – consumer information via “Social Salad Network”
  • SIA Amberbloom, Latvia: Dried and candied Cido
  • Syngenta, Netherlands: Angello sweet & seedless pepper
  • Tokita Seed Co. Ltd., Japan. Sungreen – sun-ripened, yet green cherry tomato

Overview of the ten nominated products

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Company Bejo Zaden B.V., Netherlands
Product Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Stand Hall 1.2, Stand B-13

Purple Sprouting Broccoli is a new variety of broccoli with small, dark pur-ple side shoots which grow next to the main stem. Several varieties are available for summer, autumn and winter cultivation and for different growing conditions. The shoots have a length of about 10-15 cm and can be packed in different sizes. According to the developer, the variety has higher nutritional values than traditional broccoli.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli consists of tasty stems with a flowering head. It combines a distinct broccoli flavour with a delicate taste of asparagus. It is a new vegetable variety that will add colour to any dish, while at the same offering interesting opportunities for the food-service sector.

Market launch: December 2010


Company Bud Holland B.V., Netherlands
Product Achacha
Stand Hall 1.2, Stand C-12

The Achacha originates from the Bolivian Amazon basin and is now com-mercially grown in Australia. It has a bright orange, relatively thick skin and the form and size of an egg. Sold in three sizes (60 g), it can be opened quickly and cleanly with a unique “pierce-pop” tech-nique. The soft white flesh is reminiscent of sorbet with a soft seed and a sweet and tangy flavour. The skin can be made into a drink and the fruit pulp added to salads or used in cocktails, ice creams etc. It can be stored for several months if kept above +10o C in an enclosed container. According to the supplier, it is high in antioxidants and other nutrients, and is a healthy alternative as a gift. Bags and gift boxes with Bolivian motifs and product information leaflets are available.

Market launch: January 2011

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Company Campo Rico Export, S.L., Spain
Product Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Stand Hall 18, Stand B-02C

Campo Rico Roasted Sweet Potatoes are a new ready-to-eat/ready-to-heat convenience product, vacuum-packed on a transparent plastic tray inside a plastic bag, with one whole sweet potato (600-800 g) per package.

No preservatives or chemical additives are used during production and the product itself has a shelf life of 4 months without the need for cold storage. The production process provides a ready-to-eat product which is gluten-free with all the organoleptic characteristics of fresh sweet potatoes.

Market launch: September 2011

Yonanas Healthy Frozen Treat Maker

Company Healthy Foods, LLC, USA 
Product Yonanas Healthy Frozen Treat Maker
Stand Hall 6.2, Stand A-02

The Yonanas Healthy Frozen Treat Maker is a new kitchen appliance that uses only frozen fruit to create a frozen dessert that looks and tastes like soft ice cream. Yonanas can create any desired flavour, for example using over-ripe bananas or other frozen fruit that might otherwise have been thrown away. It is simple to operate, and easy to use and clean. The idea for the machine was originally conceived by Eileen McHale and Brian Machovina, and then designed, developed and tested by Healthy Foods.

Market launch: May 2011

Pineapple juice with fruit pieces

Company McCarter a.s., Slovak Republic 
Product Rio Fresh 100% Pineapple with Pineapple Pieces
S tand Hall 7.2C, Stand B-01

Rio Fresh 100% Pineapple is freshly squeezed pineapple juice with small pineapple pieces. It is the addition of the small pineapple pieces which makes the product different. Not only is the taste experience more inten-sive, but it is also similar to that of a fresh snack. The product is made from premium pineapple varieties and is produced without cooking or the use of preservatives. It free of pathogenic microorganisms and the original taste and vitamins are maintained. It is sold in 450 ml PET bottles with full sleeve labelling and has a shelf-life (unopened) of up to 4 months when kept in a cool place.

Market launch: September 2011

Pattruss Z

Company Pattruss, Inc., Japan
Product Pattruss Z
Stand Hall 26, Stand C-20

The Pattruss Z is a newly developed plastic bag with an unusual triangular shape which protects the contents while at the same time saving space during transportation. It has a recloseable zipper seal to maintain freshness, for example of leaf salads. The film material is strong enough for the bag to be opened and closed many times but it can also be torn open for immediate use. The Pattruss Z bag is available in different sizes subject to order and is fully customizable. The film type can also be varied to suit dif-ferent products.

Market launch: December 2010

Company Rijk Zwaan, Netherlands
Stand Hall 1.2, Stand B-19
Website is an interactive website and social network forum for salad lovers from all over the world – private or professional – to share their passion for vegetables and salads. provides a new opportunity for fans of a specific product range to interact socially via recipe suggestions, postings and news. It not only provides details of the origins of products but also information on different types of salads and vegetables and how to prepare them. For the professionals involved, is not simply aimed at increasing sales, but rather to enter into meaningful dialogue with the consumer, to increase vegetable consumption generally, and to draw wider attention to subjects such as health, sustainability and the global food supply.

Market Launch: January 2011

Dried Candied Cido

Company SIA Amberbloom, Latvia
Product Dried Candied Cido
Stand Hall 23, Stand A-06

Dried Candied Cido is produced from a special variety of the Chaenomeles japonica, also known as Japanese Quince or Nordic Lemon, and especially popular in Latvia. It is candied and dried using a special technique without the use of preservatives or other additives, apart from glucose-fructose syrup used to adjust consistency and colour.

With its unique sweet-sour flavour, it provides a tasty snack but can also be used as an ingredient in cakes, yoghourts, ice cream, muesli, fruit and nut mixes, teas and confectionery. It is currently available as cut, diced or grated fruit pieces in different grades and sizes.

Market Launch: August 2011

Angello™ Sweet & Seedless Pepper

Company Syngenta Seeds B.V., Netherlands 
Pro duct Angello™ Sweet & Seedless Peppe r
Stand Hall 1.2, Stand C-08

The Angello™ Sweet & Seedless Pepper is a new variety of seedless red baby pepper, conical in shape and with a sweet and crunchy taste. Because it is seedless, it can be eaten whole as a snack or used for example in salads. With a vibrant red colour and thin skin, it is 5-10 cm in length and weighs between 10 g and 30 g. It is a good source of vitamin C and is currently available all year round from growers in Spain, Israel and Netherlands. The Angello™ Sweet & Seedless Pepper is marketed in convenience snack packaging. The product has been tested using Syngenta’s own consumer research department and their exclusive partners for this project, Bakkavor and The Greenery.

Market Launch: October 2011

Sungreen Green Cherry Tomato

Company Tokita Seed Company Ltd., Japan 
Product Sungreen Green Cherry Tomato
Stand Hall 1.2, Stand A-14

Sungreen is a newly developed green cherry tomato, weighing on average 20 g. The calyx is long and straight and remains on the fruit. The skin colour turns from deep green to light green when ripe and the flesh is relatively thick and very crisp. The average brix level of the ripened fruit is 8 degrees, competing well with red varieties and representing the highest brix level for green tomatoes. The flavour is a good balance between sweet and sour with a touch of citrus. It has no lycopene but has similar amounts of glutamic acid to, and 50 per cent more gamma-aminobutyric acid than, fully matured red cherry tomatoes.

Sungreen was developed over a period of five years using conventional breeding methods and was trialled by growers in various regions of Japan and other countries.

Market Launch: January 2011