Free Green Business Workshops 2012 ( and the Green Hospitality Programme (GHP) announce their joint Free Regional Workshops under the umbrella of the EPA’s BeGreen programme.

From February through June they will visit Limerick, Killarney, Cork, Dublin, Donegal, Wexford, Galway, Midlands, Mayo and Kilkenny. Each workshop will be held in the morning and finish before lunch and are designed to assist Irish businesses in improving their environmental performance through reducing the costs of Waste, Water & Energy 

The workshop sessions are designed to introduce the concept and idea and “How To” of adopting a Green Business initiative to the business community and will include Top Tips, Case Studies and opportunities to achieve environmental certification. Businesses will have the opportunity to quiz experts on their bills, consumption and get answers for some of the common challenges facing them when dealing with Waste, Water & Energy. 

“Many businesses, nationally and internationally, are adopting and implementing environmental management practices and are expecting their suppliers to do the same. Hospitality businesses deal with most of these businesses and the combination of reduced costs and potential new business should make the adoption of environmental improvements a no brainer for the hospitality sector” said GHP Director, Maurice Bergin, at the announcement of the Regional Workshops. 

“Green Public Procurement is also on the way, where Government & State bodies will be required to assess the environmental performance of goods and suppliers – which includes all providers of goods and services – this is still a €15 billion marketplace”, James Hogan, Programme Manager added.

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