Florall and GGP naturally reinforced

Trade fair GrootGroenPlus has been working with the Belgian trade fair Florall since 2012. Recently, delegations from both fairs met to explore areas in which they could further strengthen each other. A collaboration does not only positively impact both fairs, but also ensures that the ornamental and tree cultivation region of the Netherlands/Belgium is put on the map even more powerfully within Europe.

Exchange at the trade fair
At the moment, both trade fairs cooperate in multiple ways. Both trade fairs present each other & novelties, they exchange presentations and advertisements, and both the participants from Florall and GrootGroenPlus are invited to present the partner trade fair to their network.

The meeting showed that both trade fairs are satisfied with the current cooperation, but also have the desire to intensify the cooperation. That is why this year, the novelties from Florall will also participate in the Green Grand Prix. The novelties of GrootGroenPlus already competed in the Florall Awards. In addition to that, the next KwekersBode – the newspaper that GrootGroenPlus has been publishing in two languages for years – will also contain articles from Belgium.

More attention for visitors and plants

Another insight gained from the meeting was that the focus on both the plants and attracting the right type of visitors in the stand can be improved. After corona, activities in this area seemed to have scaled down. That is why participants will be encouraged to invite their partners, and the PR of both trade fairs will be fed centrally. In order to do this, Florall has organised a brainstorm session on 6 April, in which GGP also took part.
The results are currently being processed. GrootGroenPlus has been investing heavily in PR for years and is organising a fully catered press trip for the (inter)national press again this year. However, by also involving participants, much wider interested parties can be invited.

Relationship fairs with their own identity

Although it concerns two different trade fairs in two different countries, both relationship fairs are really complementary to each other. They both have their own identity, a large  number of regular participants and feel both accessible and professional.
Currently, Florall is organised twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. During this fair, a complete overview of the spring and autumn range of floriculture and tree nursery products will be presented. Florall is a 1-day trade fair and the next edition takes place on 22 August 2023.
GrootGroenPlus is a 3-day event and organised once a year. Traditionally,
GrootGroenPlus is seen as the kick-off of the tree nursery season and therefore the
meeting place for everyone who is professionally involved with green products. The next
edition of the GrootGroenPlus trade fair will take place on 4-6 October.
Visitors and participants can register via florall.be and grootgroenplus.nl respectively.