Farming & Food in 2011. Have your Say!

Farmers & food producers:

I’m working on an RTE Radio 1 programme for January and I need your input.

For your farming or food business to have a successful year, what resolution would you like our Government to make for 2011?

In what way does legislation and bureaucracy hold back your way of working and doing business?  What pieces of legislation need to be brought in to stimulate this sector?  And what inspiration do other European countries offer you?

It could be something small: a piece of legislation that is antiquated and makes no sense at all. Or it could be something bigger:  a law that is in place that severely and significantly restricts your business, or a law that needs to be in place to help your business grow.

If you have something, please share it – we’re looking for as diverse a range of issues as possible.  This is your chance to be part of a discussion on how Ireland could be a better place for farming & food production in 2011.Please get in touch via email ( and share your ideas.

Thank you!