Farmers Urged to Engage in Farm Partnerships

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney has announced a new programme to help farmers increase productivity and export potential by entering into farm partnerships. The new programme to be established by agriculture authority Teagasc will support the establishment of partnerships by aiding in research, promotional activities and administrative support.

The Department of Agriculture also said that a reference paper has been published, and is available on its website, which sets out the rationale for collaborative farming. Minsister Coveney said that the successful implemenation of partnership strategies holds many benefits for farmers. “The economic benefits of partnership include increased economies of scale, shared capital investment, removal of duplicate costs, and risk sharing,” he explained.

“The partnership model encourages farmers to share best arming and business management practice, thereby increasing their skill set and providing opportunities to diversify into alternative enterprises.Collaborating and farming in partnership can have social benefits as well through reducing isolation, improving the work-life balance and also facilitating succession planning.”

Source: Business and Finance – Farmers Urged to Engage in Farm Partnerships