Young Nurseries Expand Range and Launch New Webshop – GLAS Stand #E17

Last year Young Nurseries invested in a new greenhouse with automatic climate control, ebb and flood flooring, and water recycling, allowing them to produce crops that require specific growing conditions, expand their range and ensure consistent availability, especially at peak times. They have also launched a new webshop, showcasing their current looking good plants and core range. The plant list and images are updated weekly, giving near accurate stock levels as well as updating batches as they become ready for sale or sell out. With a simple format of a brief description of the plant, a facility to filter according to size and category, and an automatic shelf calculator to let you know your order size. Ordering is easy and can be done at any time by messaging

Young Nurseries told HC, “Our range of pollinator-friendly plants has been extended due to increased consumer demand and we expect this to continue. We have increased the varieties of Echinacea, Salvia and Nepeta specifically with this in mind, while also aware that there is a strong desire for long-lasting colour in the garden as well as wildlife!”. Another buying option if you are short of time is the ‘Looking Good’ trolley, hand-picked by Youngs from the current best sellers on any week (just let them know if there is anything you don’t want). Ordering can be done either through the webshop or via email. An attractive display can easily be achieved at retail with a trolley of colourful impulse plants. For more information visit the YN stand at Glas or contact: or by phone +353 87 237 1457. ✽